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PROJECT PLANNING| Defining the Dream

Understanding Off-Site Construction

The advantages of Off-Site Construction, “OSC”, are as abundant as they are obvious to the well informed home buyer. At Spirit Cabins, we realize that part of “Building Dreams Together” is helping our clients understand our products and services as well as gain an overall understanding of the home building process. We strive to ensure that building your new log home or cabin is simple, enjoyable and without surprises. Your cabin specialist will work with you every step of the way to answer questions and provide information to help you maintain peace of mind throughout the entire process. While the project will require your time and attention on a local level, we will assist you with planning your site preparation activities and schedules so that you are adequately prepared.

Terms You Need to Know

A.D.A The Americans with Disabilities Act is under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Justice and sets forth access related requirements for all commercial buildings.

D.O.T The Department of Transportation regulates our highways and roads on a state by state basis and sets the maximum dimensions of shipments allowed and the conditions of their movement on the roadways.

FOLDING ROOF SYSTEM Engineered folding roof systems are often utilized to produce a steeper roof pitch than could otherwise be shipped in compliance with state D.O.T. height restrictions. The roof is generally hinged on the side walls and is transported in a folded down position. Once the unit is placed on the foundation, a professional set crew will need to be hired to elevate and secure the roof according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

I.R.C. The International Residential Code is a national building code developed by the International Code Council which is dedicated to building safety and fire prevention.

MARRIAGE WALL The area where two modules come together. These areas are typically engineered to be bolted together and covered with finish trim materials over the seam.

MODULAR HOMES/CABINS Modular homes are built in a modern, climate controlled factory, are designed and constructed to state and local codes, and are manufactured in one or more sections for installation on a permanent foundation at their final location. When completed, they look exactly like a site built home, using the same mortgage financing and increasing in value exactly like a site built home.

ON-SITE Work that is done at the building site, generally after the OSC home has been delivered.

PANELIZED HOMES Panelized Homes are factory-built homes in which panels are transported to the site for assembly. The homes must meet state or local building codes. Most of our “modular” cabins and homes can be panelized when site access is restricted to small trucks and trailers or to minimize freight for railroad or overseas shipment. Spirit Cabins recently panelized a group of custom cabins for shipping to a resort in the Turks and Caicos.

PERMANENT FOUNDATION An engineered system that can be added to the steel chassis of a manufactured home that allows it to be classified as “real property”. It usually involves a series of mechanical supports as well as a tie-down system to stabilize the home in high winds.

Traditional method of constructing a home on the building site.


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