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What is Modular?| Recognizing the Difference

Modular homes are built in a modern, climate controlled factory, are designed and constructed to a state or national building code, as well as local codes, and are manufactured in one or more sections for installation on a permanent foundation at their final location. When completed, a modular home looks just like a site built home. Modular homes can be used to obtain the same mortgage financing with instant equity in most cases. Modular homes will tend to increase in value exactly like a site built home.

The Modular Advantage

  • Cost Savings
    You can save tens of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of our volume purchasing power and labor saving building processes. Additionally, you save considerably in interim construction financing costs by significantly reducing the length of your construction loan.

  • Time Savings
    A home constructed off-site can be built in the factory in as little as two to three weeks and finished on site in a matter days. Actual delivery time varies throughout the year and is primarily determined by how many cabins are ahead of you in the production line as well as local and state approval processes. Please contact a Spirit Cabins Specialist today for an estimated delivery date.

  • On Time and On Budget
    The controlled building process eliminates common risks associated with site built homes such as delays, shoddy work by subcontractors and cost over-runs.

  • Hand Crafted Quality
    All of our craftsmen take great pride in their work and are not satisfied unless you are. Premium features include solid hardwood handcrafted cabinets, solid interior doors and much more.

  • Delivered Nationwide
    Spirit Cabins are delivered throughout North America and have even been shipped to the Caribbean islands.

  • Built to Last
    To withstand the rigors of transportation and off-loading, off-site construction homes are typically built with 20% to 30% more materials than site built homes. Federal studies have shown that modular homes have consistently held up much better than traditional site built homes in extreme weather, including hurricanes.

  • Protected from Harm
    Building in a factory eliminates weather delays and related moisture damage, including mold. Theft and vandalism risks are also removed.

  • Design Services
    All of our cabins are built to order and handcrafted based upon your individualized specifications. Our in-house design and architecture team can help you customize our standard floor plans to better fit your specific needs.

  • Peace of Mind
    From the early design stages all the way through the delivery and finishing of your cabin, your Spirit Cabins Specialist will be there every step of the way, giving you the answers you need when you need them.

  • Quality Assurance
    Extensive third-party inspections and strict state certification processes ensure the highest level of quality and code compliance. At Spirit Cabins we are devoted to 100% customer satisfaction.

  • It’s important to note the difference between a modular and a manufactured home. Manufactured homes are built on a chassis to HUD manufactured code guidelines and are often referred to as a mobile home because they are not on a permanent foundation. Manufactured homes are not handled the same by lenders or local building departments and they do not appreciate in value like a modular or site built home. In fact, they can depreciate in value!

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